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Thom recently sat for an interview with
Tantor Audiobooks, which has produced onto
audio two of his books--Glorious War and
The Last Outlaws. That interview can be
heard here:

Thom appeared on-screen as an expert
commentator for the PBS American
Experience documentary "Butch Cassidy and
the Sundance Kid," which premiered
February 11. If you happened to miss it,
check your local listings for the dates and
times that it will be rebroadcast.

Thom's latest book, Glorious War, was
released on December 10, 2013, and has
been receiving wonderful reviews. Scroll
down to view the cover and read reviews.

The softcover edition of Thom's book, The
Last Outlaws
, was released on January 7,
2014. Scroll down for a cover photo and

Macmillan/St. Martin’s Press
December 10, 2013

Praise for Glorious War
“A lively and very readable account of the
early career of George Armstrong Custer.”

-Larry McMurtry, Pulitzer Prize Winner and
Author of
Lonesome Dove
“Finally, instead of the zoom lens focus on
George Armstrong Custer at the Little Big
Horn, we are treated to a wide angle portrait
of Custer the Civil War hero. The ‘Boy
General’—promoted to Brigadier General at
23—receives from acclaimed author Thom
Hatch a rich portrait that is no hagiography,
but rather painted in a multitude of colors
befitting the swashbuckling adventurer with
his yellow curls and red ties. Both those long
fascinated by Custer, and students of the
Civil War, will find new insights to enliven
the Custer conversation.”
-Ronald C. White, Jr., The New York
Times bestselling author of
A. Lincoln
“George Armstrong Custer is remembered for
a single, spectacular defeat, yet he was one
of America's most successful soldiers. Thom
Hatch explores that historical contradiction in
this exciting tale of Custer's forgotten Civil
War career. Hatch's prose, as fast-paced as a
cavalry charge, sweeps the reader along
through many of the Civil War's greatest
battles, while also creating deft portraits of
Custer and his contemporaries. Solid history
and good reading.”
-Paul Andrew Hutton, University of New

"Hatch’s research and knowledge are
formidable; his prose, clear and accessible,
even when he’s describing the chaotic
intricacies of battle – and of human
relationships… A considerable achievement."
-The Plain Dealer

“The deftly detailed narrative undergirds
Hatch’s emphasis on the importance of
Custer’s early military career while delivering
the drama of the larger swirl of the Civil
-Publishers Weekly

“An admiring, fast-paced, thoroughly
readable account of Custer at war.”
-Kirkus Reviews

"Custer's legendary pluck, luck, and sheer
audacity shine throughout the narrative.
VERDICT Recommended as a lively read for
Civil War history buffs during the 150th
anniversaries and beyond."
Library Journal

"[Glorious War] ought to serve as a
treatment for Hollywood to make a
blockbuster film about Custer's early
career...a compelling story, one that has
been for the most part ignored by recent
popular culture." 
The Daily Oklahoman

Order This Book Now:

A chapter excerpt from Glorious War
appears in the November 2013 issue of
America's Civil War magazine.


*Scroll Down for Reviews of
The Last Outlaws*
by Thom Hatch
Western Writers of America
Spur Award Winning Author

Penguin/New American Library
ISBN: 978-0-451-23919-8
February 5, 2013

"'It has always been a difficult task,' writes Mr.
Hatch, 'to trace those Old West characters who
crisscrossed the line separating respectable work
and banditry.' But I can't imagine a writer doing
a more scrupulous job of it than he does in his
history of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...
Mr. Hatch carefully sketches the backgrounds of
the men, and any reader who plans to hold up a
railroad should start with his book.
The Last
is eloquent of not only the Old West that
we think of when we see a photograph of a butte
or a mustang or a Colt revolver but also of the
implacable forces of time and change that
extinguished it."

-The Wall Street Journal

"An absorbing and entertaining read...Hatch is
excellent at rooting out the available facts about
the men's early lives, which he then uses to
suggest, in a wisely light-handed way, the
components of their psychology...A yeoman's job
of tracking down and assembling the dossiers and
-USA Today

"The author has collected an amazing amount of
data and written authoritatively on Butch and
Sundance’s last, twisting trail...
Hatch, like Paul
Newman and Robert Redford in the celebrated
1969 film, catches the infectious spirit of the two
men and their exploits."

-Dallas Morning News

"Hatch covers the duo's evolution from ranch
hands to robbers with a reporter's eye and a
novelist's sense of drama. Some escapades have
been told before, but Hatch's enthusiasm for the
material and empathy for his subjects makes
them seem new."

-Publishers Weekly

“Mr. Hatch is an accomplished historian with a
journalist’s eye and a novelist’s touch.”

-The Washington Times

"'The Last Outlaws' is extremely well-written and
feels more like a novel or work of fiction
compared to a factual biography. It's a must read
for any fan of the Old West and the outlaw life.
-Salt Lake City Deseret News

"Hatch, the acclaimed western historian,
succeeds in sifting out the film’s embellishments in
this excellent dual biography."


"Hatch achieves what most historical writers fail
at, engaging their readers while giving a
full-untainted history of their choice material...
Beautifully creating a vivid image of who these
men truly were and what motivated them."

-Latinos Post

"Hatch does a fine job of telling this story. It’s an
interesting and entertaining read. Butch and his
sidekick would probably have enjoyed it."

-Buffalo News

"In this dual biography of celebrated bandits, a
specialist in the Old West deftly separates fact
from fiction.


"'The Last Outlaws' offers a compelling look at
two of history’s most famous outlaws."

-Cowboys & Indians

"The author tells a story every bit as interesting
as the Hollywood film about the outlaws. And
when you have a well-told tale read in an
engaging manner, you have a most enjoyable
audio experience. In all, the book is a fun and
informative listen."
AudioFile Earphones Award Winner
-AudioFile Magazine

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